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A Review of Tower Strategy in Grow Castle After 10 Hours of Gameplay

Taking advantage of the popularity of 8-bit gaming visual aesthetics, Grow Castle enters a field of mobile gaming that is filled with similar games with familiar controls and outcomes. It is available for Android or iOS through the appropriate store.

Downloading Grow Castle is free, though there are in-app purchases that make game progression faster and easier to accomplish.

Gameplay and Tower Strategy in Grow Castle

Grow Castle throws the gamer into the mechanics of the game without warning. Once you open the app, you’re given a castle to defend with three characteristic groups, called “heroes,” that have unique qualities: archers, a lightning mage, and ogres.

You are immediately invited to battle with your entry-level castle. The mechanics of a battle are fairly simple. Just click on the group that you wish to use for defense and they will automatically attack the approaching army.

As the battle progresses through the first wave, the game pauses to highlight the various commands that are available to you. This creates a useful learning experience, though it could be uncomfortable for some gamers that are used to a more formal tutorial experience when learning how to play this type of game.

After each battle, you earn various rewards, including monetary units, skill points, and hero upgrades. You can choose to upgrade your castle, add new towers, and more.

You can also add additional heroes to the castle as your success grows. Advanced heroes that are a lot of fun to play include Bazooka Man, the Architect, and the Flying Orc.

Grow Castle android turret defense

Mastering the Mechanics of Grow Castle with different Tower Strategies

Many of the elements of Grow Castle are self-explanatory. If you want to upgrade your archers, for example, then just click on the cost button to do so. After just 4 waves, it is possible to upgrade to 6 archers, which is necessary as each wave becomes successively more difficult to navigate needed defenses.

Different towers are available for upgrade as well. Because of the costs of this upgrades, like many games of this type, you can watch a short advertisement to receive a boost in monetary gameplay units.

Concerns with Grow Castle

There are certain typos that are found within Grow Castle, which some users may find to be bothersome. The assassin hero, for example, is misspelled as “Assasin.”

The hordes that attack your castle are somewhat unique as well. Some are small blue “balls.” There’s a large pink fellow who likes to kick your castle. Then there are some traditional elements, like catapults, which you can work on destroying.

Like any mobile game of this type, the more effort you put into it, then the better the playing experience will be. Battles become longer and more difficult to manage, beginning around Wave 7, requiring you to do more than send out your defenses.

Considering the game is free to download and there is a lot of gameplay that can be had for free, playing Grow Castle can be exciting. It may not be for everyone, but for those who love defensive tower strategy games, there is a depth within that is a lot of fun to explore, on Android as well as Iphone Tower Defense.

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