The Uncertain | Puzzle Game | Part 2

Puzzle Game Problems

This camera problem also applies to items that you not might not be able to see that you need to complete puzzles. Say you have one thing left to find and you can complete a puzzle because of the missing piece, it might be out of the cameras range and therefore you won’t be able to see it and you’ll never find it. It can get really really frustrating.

This game features all the old standbys. Either you have to match symbols, you have to find a code to open something, etc. etc. Like all other games in the genre, you can just brute force everything- eventually try every single combination until something works. So, forgive me if I’m wrong, but this kind of ruins the whole adventure when you can just trial and error everything with no consequence and not even use brain cells to figure anything out.

The voice acting in this puzzle game makes you want to pull my hair out.

Every single Got damned character in this game is a robot. I guess that makes sense, if they are not capable of emotion then the voice acting was deliberately dull. But it goes way beyond that. The voices are so monotone you will be switching the volume off as soon as you basically start playing.

The plot twists and turns so frequently that you won’t even have time to process was going on and therefore will not be an emotionally invested in any of the plot twists. The plot points just come spilling out of character’s mouths at random intervals with no consequences and no reaction from those characters at all to what they just said. You have literally no reason to care about anything is going. Basically everybody in this game is just one clue, like finding a piece of paper on the ground that tells you exactly what going on. There’s no character back story motivation or anything like that is just one little note after another.

the uncertain game 2

Puzzle Game Lacking

So all in all the puzzles are horrible, the way you can brute force everything, the movement is extremely sloppy and the camera is never pointing where it’s exposed to be and you can’t even find your character or the puzzle clues that you need to progress. You don’t even have time to unpack any of the story figure out was going on with any of the characters or the plot. For an adventure story, this is totally unacceptable and not very much fun. I recommend skipping this and finding anotherĀ puzzle game! I’m more of an action game fan myself, actually.

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