The Uncertain | Mobile Adventure Game | Part 1

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Telltale Games have the best modern adventure games around.

Their dialogue, their world building, their storytelling, everything that they do sets a really high bar for any other game company that wants to compete in this type of game. Not only are the games well-crafted, but they also have an emotional component that is pretty rare these days considering the lack of effort and polish that people generally put into mobile video games, especially in the modern adventure type of genre.

Today we looking at an adventure game called The Uncertain.

The Uncertain definitely takes some notes from Telltale Games. However, despite being competent in a lot of other ways, they don’t reach the same level of emotional integration with the player and therefore there’s not that much meat and potatoes to them when it comes to playing attachment.

Not only that, but there are some problems with the camera and the controls. Some parts of the game to feel too easy, some parts feel too hard. And the voice acting is Got damn terrible at times.

The first episode of this adventure game was called The Last Quiet Day.

You play a character called RT. Basically, you come across something you should never come across while investigating a spaceship crash. All control scheme is, is basically point-and-click. Unlike other point-and-click games, all the objects that you can manipulate are already highlighted for you, which kind of removes any type of investigation from the game. All you to do just keep clicking on each item to figure out what to do with each one.

the uncertain game

So I think of the other new games out there that use this model, all you have to do is click on everything you see, try and solve puzzles, move from level to level and talk to whoever you can to get the information needed. The problem with this game, is that it really doesn’t excel on any one area. The camera that follows you around the level is really floaty. You end up just randomly clicking on the floor because you have no idea what to do. Like an old computer game from back in the day, with horrible camera controls, sometimes you can walk right off the screen and you would have no idea where your camera is and where the character is in relation to each other. That’s why you end up just clicking on the floor constantly- just to find your character. That’s a challenge that is often failed when making a 3d mobile game instead of a 2d mobile game– camera controls.

Continue on Part 2 for more on this adventure puzzle game.

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