Siege Commander | Turret Defense | Part 2

Turret Defense Expectations

I wasn’t expecting StarCraft or Warcraft, but I was expecting the units to have more to do with the gameplay. Or have more to do with the actual mechanics of the towers. But all it is, really in reality, is the towers that you build automatically spawning their own units. You either have air units or ground units. These units attack on their own, so they are pretty much independent of whatever else you’re doing in the map.

There’s a limit to how many units you can have it on the map at any given point in time. The RTS elements end up only being used as a support. The unit limit is a hindrance. At the end of the day, your units are just being defense for the other players units. They don’t really have any strategic value other than that. Sometimes they can be a nuisance if they actually sneak up on the other person and destroy a tower when they are not paying attention. You can’t micromanage them, however, so good luck getting them to go where you want them to go. A lot of the time, they will just end up attacking an area that you are really focused on that doesn’t give you any kind of benefit. Sometimes it jsut goes in circles. It’d be nice if they had a move/attack, like in any other RTS like StarCraft or Age of Empires.

Since the towers can’t attack each other, at least not automatically, towers end up being just a defense mechanic when they are firing automatically. They just end up being roadblocks. You end up just sitting there, waiting to replace them. So they require constant maintenance, making sure that you have some kind of defense so that the enemy cannot destroy a chain of towers on your side.

I wouldn’t call this turret defense game hard, but its not very easy either.

It takes a lot of patience. It takes a little bit of strategy to build your towers in rows that make the computer really think in order to get the best of you. The computer kind of acts pretty predictable. Not saying it’s boring, and I’m not saying it’s easy. There are 16 single player missions altogether, and usually will take around six hours to become a master. I don’t really feel any need to go back and replay any of them. However I think that the multipliers canĀ  be a big bonus for this game- I look forward to trying it. I think human players always have more interesting strategies. I guess we will see, because this game is still fairly new and we’ll see what people end up doing with it.

Overall I really like it as a turret defense game.

There are some mechanics that you don’t see in these types of games, and they work pretty well, but I wish there was little bit more development time. Controls are unexpectedly good. The RTS stuff could have been used all that more often. I think it actually would’ve been better if this turret defense game was little bit more challenging.

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