Neo Scavenger | Review 2 | Android | 2019

A good tablet game, almost as good smartphone game.

Though lacking in animations, you’ll feel like you are in that movie- The Road -as you fight enemies with different combat options through text and status data. You have a different options at your disposal. You can hide and ambush your assailant. Hit someone with a bottle and you can use the broken pieces to stab them! You can kick enemies while they’re on the ground. You could have no bullets in your gun and simply bluff to get your enemies to surrender to you. Or you can use diplomacy to settle conflicts. Or you can just run for your life!

Your actions are all determined by a lot of different factors.

The terrain and the location that you are in, the gear that you have available, even the time of day can affect how you use your tree traits to find ways of going through each situation.

You have to wear your clothing to maximize your warmth as well is your armor. Just like any post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk game or movie it’s all about survival. Even using shopping carts and plastic bags to keep things safe. Or using pockets in your pants to create more inventory space and crafting items that will help you along the way. You can create traps and all kinds of different other things using the crafting system.

Game menu heartaches.

Some of these systems are not helped by the menus, however. A lot of the menu design can really use some refurbishing. It’s kind of hard to get used to using the menus in the game.

It would’ve been nice to have a tutorial at the beginning of the game to get used to the systems. Some of the smaller items in the menus are kind of hard to click and interact with. You can tell that this game was really designed to be used with the mouse and keyboard so trying to use it on mobile is always going to be a challenge. Sometimes you will even have to zoom in, in order to click a button. But that’s okay, this is a mobile game after all. Right?

Recommend the game?

A lot of the gameplay elements may not be very fun for the average user when they first start playing the game, especially when you combine it with the drastic difficult learning curve. There’s not a lot of guidance- you have to figure it out as you go. However, the mechanics and the brutality of the world and the harsh gameplay as well as creating a sense of realism really sets the game apart. It’s worth checking out, and it’s worth sticking with it if you have the patience to really get the most out of this mobile gaming experience.

All in all, it’s a good tablet game.   Using it on a phone is also fun, just a little bit more tricky depending how big your phone is.

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