Millennium War Aigis | Tower Defense | Android | 2019

Adult themed TD Game?

When I first heard of an adult themed tower defense game really didn’t know what to make of it.

I mean who the hell has heard of an adult-sex-based tower defense game? I would normally think that would not be the type of venue where such things would take place. I guess there’s an audience for everything, and this certainly is an audience for anything that involves sex or naked anime girls.

Millennium War Aigis is the name of this brave new TD game.

It has medieval tower defense elements and it also has an RPG element.

The RPG element comes in the play when you move between maps in your units keep their stats. In this way, you can build up your units as you travel through the game. You also gain new units by beating certain maps, or you can fuse your units together in order increase their power even more.

The one thing I won’t get into is the story. There’s no real damn reason to get into the story because it sucks- there’s nothing to it. There really is no plot to speak of. All we know is the demons are pouring in and you to defend this medieval realm against the demons that are entering for, I guess, seemingly no reason? I’m not sure why, but for some reason you are a Jew living under Nazi occupation. Not only that, you are a blind Jewish piano player. Not sure exactly what they’re going for here, considering that there is really no story, but I mean I guess you got to admire their strange pick?

In terms of the way this game looks, it looks like a game that came out like 5 to 10 years ago.

Maybe even earlier than that. The artwork is actually pretty good, it just looks like something that I made middle school. While you are actually playing the game, everything is so pixelated that you can really see any details. It looks like an old super Nintendo and Sega Genesis game.

You only have three lives in each map. That means if the enemy reaches you three times in the jig is up. The match is ended. You’re defending the red circles on the map, you can place units in order to block the path leading to the circles. Some of your units can actually hold back a few different enemies at the same time, but it doesn’t seem like there any units in the game that can hold back more than three at one time. All your strategy is focused, like any tower defense game, on killing the enemies as fast as they are coming at you. The best ive found so far is a split between archers and mages. The other classes in the game are healers, barbarians etc, all the different classes from a Dungeons & Dragons type of thing. Same kind of RPG type of element for a game like that.


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