Final Fantasy Legends 2 | Android | 2019

Final Fantasy mobile game on Your Phone?

Trying to get a Final Fantasy game on mobile might be one of the hardest things a true gamer will face.

Anyone with an android device now has a new Final Fantasy game to try, at the very least. Final Fantasy Legends 2 is not a Final Fantasy game in the way that Final Fantasy VII was for the PlayStation. But it’s not completely devoid of content either. It really is somewhere in-between a full-fledged game and something that’s just completely stripped down for mobile devices. It borrows a lot from a lot of the different games in the series and it comes together pretty well.

If you’re one of those people that likes to watch numbers go up on your mobile games, like tapping games and things like that then this might be for you. This is not an award-winning game, but there is definitely a lot to like about this game.

What’s it like?

This game, like every Final Fantasy game, starts off with a lengthy prelude that explains the plot. Introduced into another strange Final Fantasy world after the prologue is over, you play the part of the youngster who gets caught up in the plot when a meteor lands right next to his village. In the traditional Final Fantasy style you got the spiky hair and the lust for adventure that every main Final Fantasy character has.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games where you basically have to run around an open world and explore, oftentimes spending a lot of time simply wandering, this game is strictly focused on active time battles. These are kind of simplified compared to anything you find on the PlayStation or Xbox. You basically just have to survive wave after wave in order to win the game.

Active time gameplay mechanics

In traditional Final Fantasy fashion, you have the bars on the side of the screen that countdown until your next action can take place. Almost like a turn-based game, and you have to wait to make the moves that you need to make each time one your character’s bar reaches the point where you can create an action.

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy before then you know where this is going. You have a traditional attack but doesn’t use any magical power. Then you have magical moves that you can sometimes use if you have enough MP. The great part about this game is that there are actually summons in it. The summons bar needs to be filled before you can summon a creature to your aid.

This sounds familiar

It sounds a lot like old Final Fantasy games, it’s because it is a lot like old Final Fantasy games. If you’ve ever played any role games for the Nintendo or Super Nintendo or anything like that and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are not a lot of tactics involved, but they can be really fun and there’s a nice pace to beating them.

Like any RPG or for especially Final Fantasy game when you’re not fighting you’re questing. This pushes the story, and you can buy new weapons and equipment to upgrade your team. So it has that in common with other Final Fantasy games as well.  The deeper you get into the game the more you can customize the makeup of the monsters that you have fight for you as well as the people that are on your team.

Even though this isn’t a full-fledged Final Fantasy game, it can be really really fun and it has a lot of the old elements that we all know and love. That’s really the meat and potatoes of it- it uses the old game mechanics that are tried and true and adopts those for mobile devices. Mobile gamers won’t be too overwhelmed because it is not nearly as complicated as a traditional Final Fantasy game would be on a console. All in all, when every Final Fantasy game is finally been created and we look back at the long history of not just the franchise but also the genre of RPG’s as a whole, this game might not warrant a leading position on that list but it will be a good time if you’re looking for a Final Fantasy mobile game.

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