DC Unchained| Review 2 | Android | 2019

Game Stages

Every single stage of every single mode in this game plays exactly the same. Your team of heroes or villains is just sad and are standard level fighting henchmen. Literally all your characters need to do to fight the boss at the end of each level is to have of health potions to survive the match.

I guess that’s one element of gameplay that’s not auto. You do have to keep an eye on everybody’s health and apply health potions when people need. So you’re basically automatic feeding these motherfuckers health potions as they need them as they go along and fight on their own. Character switching also happens on its own when you have autoplay on. You get better results if you switch characters manually, but then you have to actually play this god-awful game and I don’t know who really wants to do that. After all, aren’t you supposed to just leave it on your desk just propped up against of computer monitor while it generates the people that designed the game ad revenue? Yeah this game isn’t a cynical cash grab at all.


If you end up not being able to fight the bosses at the end of each level you have the option of grinding your characters to level up a little bit more in the earlier tough battles in the game. So have fun grinding some of those earlier stages of wasting time leveling up your character so they can auto defeat a bus while you periodically throw health potions at them.

Oh wait! I forgot. You also have to keep an eye on stamina. The more you use each character the lower the stamina will will go. That means you have to buy more stamina in order to keep playing! What a great flocking idea. You can also sit there and wait for the stamina meter to fill up at an excruciating pace. You can passively to sit there and play for free and not use real money to buy more stamina in the game.

Some of the items in this game are basically up to $100 in price. That’s right! Not only do you have to pay to refill stamina but there are in app purchase items included in the game as well. There literally six ways from Sunday for the developer to make money off of you playing this game.

It takes more than just good graphics to make a good game. The whole idea of an autoplay button is the sign of a much deeper problem. This kind of cynical game was released to appeal to a broad audience but ends up having no gameplay involved at all. It’s no different than any other number of free to play brawling games that are on the Google play store. This is just a way to churn money and waste people’s time, and there are any plenty of those types of tablet games on the Google play store.

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