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Marvel vs DC Tablet Game

When Marvel came out with Marvel Future Fight it was only a matter of time before DC came out with the game as well. DC Unchained is their answer to Marvel future fight. Both games are free to play mobile brawlers and they both have their ups and downs.

You basically just form a team of three heroes and villains, then you take on wave after wave of basic henchmen in a brawling type fighting game. You grind away any slowly unlock your favorite characters from DC comics. This is just the standard basic grind as you go brawler for mobile. It keeps you sitting there grinding away well the developer can serve you ads. But it is nice to see some of those old DC comic book characters from our childhood and be able to play with them on screen. But the game itself is just as uninspiring as ever and you will be sitting there grinding away as you watch after at.

I really can’t describe enough to uninspiring this game is.

Even just trying to play the game to read a review about it leaves me just staring at it as it plays itself, by itself, without any interaction from me. This doesn’t really seem like a game that is actually playable. You just kind of sit and watch and then hit next level. It’s literally just sitting on my desk right now playing itself I don’t really understand what’s going on. But I suppose this is what makes it very uninspiring.


Marvel future fight does not have this auto play button included. Or rather, you have to earn an autoplay button by beating a stage with at least two or three stars before you can use the auto play button. This is the biggest difference between the two games. DC unchained doesn’t give a fucking shit about any of that. They just let you sit there and just watch it play right from the get-go. It’s like they were just looking for any excuse to serve ads and what better way to keeps on playing but the just have the game play itself and have they had players it goes along. Cha ching.

I don’t want to call this game a cynical cash grab but I don’t really understand what else I can call it. There’s literally no roadblock to using the autoplay button even write when you first install the game. Literally the very instant that you start to game you can just that using the autoplay button. Sure, you could turn off autoplay and you can actually play the game. But the problem is the game isn’t fun to play the begin with and all the stages of the same. So who the fark gives a fark about turning off the flocking autoplay button and playing the fighting game to begin with?

The graphics are damn incredible. I’m willing to give it that. The 2-D illustrations in the 3-D models and environments are dropdead gorgeous. It’s really a sight to behold especially when everything is moving on the screen. You have to be online the play the game as everything in the game is server-based. The game performs really well and there’s not a lot of lag or skipping. So I guess that’s something.


Not only that, but you get to use multiple currencies in the game, there are completely convoluted and stupid setup menu systems, there is a character upgrade path that makes no sense at all, nor does the character unlock path make any sense at all. See you got that going for you as well. But at least it doesn’t take long to get used to keeping your characters level that properly. After all, you want to keep that game rolling on autoplay see can serve up those ads.

Like every annoying tablet game in the world you have to upgrade your character by collecting cards. Not sure where the whole cards thing came from but it really doesn’t make any fuckin sense at all. You have to wait for the story even have characters available before you can purchase them. Like for instance there may be only two characters available for purchase in the shop and then it will rotate the two other characters after some timer finishes counting down.


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